Hi, I’m Trent. Welcome to my blog. I’m an evolutionary economist, but the training wheels are still on. This is a place for rants, wild speculation, quoting people much more intelligent than me, and ever-so-occasionally venturing serious ideas of my own.

I’m a PhD student at RMIT University, Melbourne. I’m also a research fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs. My research interests range from evolutionary and complexity economics, to Austrian economics and libertarianism, to the economics of sport and culture.

My thesis – “Studies in evolutionary political economy: Theoretical and simulation analyses of unbundled and non-territorial governance” – puts a new spin on laboratory federalism. In a nutshell, I’m attempting to apply insights from evolutionary and complexity theory to institutional and political economics. Kind of like ‘old school’ political economy, but using the language of evolution and complexity (or at least, that’s the idea). More specifically, this means looking at processes of competitive governance and policy innovation in variously polycentric, redundant, and evolvable institutional systems.

If you feel like saying hello, I can be found in the twitterverse or contacted by email below.


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