Disillusionment in politics?

Name one Australian politician that doesn’t believe in the concept of rationalist central planning? This seems fundamental to the political class. Nowhere in the world is such a simplistic vision of political-economic reality even so much as challenged.

I would have expected the very notion to be ridiculed by an enlightened intellectual class. To be kind I would call it suspicious—infantile and conceited would be less so. Or is it a genuine delusion—who knows? To pretend that there is any argument to be made by rationalists is pointless. To be clear, this criticism applies to actors across the full ideological spectrum—left and right (as meaningless as that characterisation may have become).

One might surmise that the quality of the political-economic debate in Australia—and elsewhere in the world—is currently quite low. There has been much cause for disillusionment in this space of late—yet this more essential point is completely ignored. Properly understood, this undermines the legitimacy of so much of the state.


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